Planning Your Poker Hustle with Multiple Intelligences

Planning Your Poker Hustle with Multiple Intelligences Planning Your Poker Hustle with Multiple Intelligences

This blog post is about how to plan a poker hustle, not a professional poker business, which was already covered in one of the previous blogs.  Planning a poker hustle is a bit more of an honest and realistic approach.  What follows are ways to incorporate diversified learning strategies into planning a poker hustle for maximum results based on the projection of the probability that a steady poker hustle, if achieved, will produce short-term stability, however, will not guarantee the opening of a large winning. This post is for a specific audience that only wishes to make a steady stream of income versus a larger break.  As I have discussed, the latter category does not have a specific audience, rather it has a small group of extraordinary individuals, who produce extraordinary results based on the knowledge that there is something innately extraordinary about them that that put in an extraordinary amount of time, energy, money, and study to produce extraordinary results for themselves.  Because the majority of persons are not of that group, this blog will deal with how to increase learning potentials through careful planning and structures to maintain stability, growth, and profit in steady poker playing.


1.  Steady poker playing requires multiple areas of study and skill development

Multiple intelligences are the areas of growth within learning.  For instance, there are mathematical areas, body language or somatic areas, athletic areas, and psychological areas.  Intentionally developing and measuring intelligence within each of these areas increases success in being able to stabilize a poker endeavor.


2.  Cross training is competitions

Poker is competitive, yet the type of completion is low impact and requires more mental acumen than physical or awareness based acumen.  For this reason, cross training, fitness development, and other competitive sports can increase a person’s ability to compete with higher levels of clarity without the use of enhancing substances.  Both the bio-chemical ability and the physical memorization ability are useful in navigating stress factors within competitions.  The ability to maintain even stress levels directly impacts an individual’s ability to maintain awareness and to become aware of extra-sensory flow states that are enhancements of evolutions of optimal physical development.  For example, within sports psychology and sports therapies, the ability for athletes to operate at competitive levels of awareness comes from training, utilization of coaching, and the unitization of multiple areas of self-improving their endeavor.


3.  Mental and lifestyle health maintenance

This includes life skills like not lying to yourself and being aware of your mental well-being.  If gambling is an addiction for you, then check that and get some professional help.  If being a person is driven by animalistic drives leads you to a sense of stinginess, always being on the go without resting, or always finding a way to get over on people, and then consider regular charity.  It is not a cure, but at least it’s an attempt at balance.  The reason is this, sometimes, in the world of hustling you have to take certain opportunities that are less than desirable and that means that sometimes you have an advantage that you utilize over people.  If you do, you have to psychologically monitor how that is with your conscious, if you still have one.  Of course, most hustlers who do it long term in all areas of hustling can eventually suppress their conscious and do what their lifestyle requires of them.  In this case, you still find that there is eventually a balance.  This is what is meant by the art of hustle.  There is still a human need to do something good, be a little a friendly, or share something good and honestly, it might trip a couple of people out but you always find touchiness next to softness because the two are part of a pole of reciprocity.

Hey there! Oh well, poker is something you can’t think of ignoring and learning poker proves to be the desire of every next person. Not only learning but also becoming professional in it and then rocking the world with loads of money earned out of it. Apart from this, poker is also a great source of entertainment unless you turn it into a financial set back due to over confidence.

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