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My Story

From Newbie to Professional - Is It Worth Learning to Play Professional Poker?

Hey there! Oh well, poker is something you can’t think of ignoring and learning poker proves to be the desire of every next person. Not only learning but also becoming professional in it and then rocking the world with loads of money earned out of it. Apart from this, poker is also a great source of entertainment unless you turn it into a financial set back due to over confidence. I personally consider poker a very interesting game in which some of your money is at stake; way more thrill to enjoy. So, if you are a thrill fan, you must opt for learning poker and become a professional.

I know many people wonder if poker is even worth learning because risk is involved in it but I think if you have a chance of getting some money by just playing intelligently then staking a small money is just worth giving a shot. And what if you get to some tips and tricks that can make you win more than losing? So, this is it. I am here to share some of these tips to you. Whether you are just a newbie or a professional you will learn ways to win these games. Secondly, you can also start learn to play poker because I will be including a complete guide that will turn you from a newbie to professional. I will keep you updated with the latest trends that will help you win as well as some techniques and practices to follow along the way. Similarly, I aim to help you understand human psychology so that you won’t panic in a tough situation; plus as far as I believe, only having the nerve can make the other side feel some real pressure which will make them commit a mistake and so you will earn an edge. I will be adding experiences of professional poker players like what took them to reach a definite point or how much they have gained by now or how they do it or what techniques they have in mind or maybe what are tricks to win, and so on.

Many of this type of stuff will make you understand poker more than enough and make you realize the fact that poker is not just a simple thing because this is what professional poker players say. I will not say that turning yourself to a poker star won’t be possible for you or it will be an audacious attempt – after all there are numerous other poker players who have made a fruitful hybrid to proficient poker and succeeded. Secondly, I am stating that it takes some brilliant ideas, clear reflection and fair assessment of your abilities, thought processes and determination to evaluate whether you are sufficiently flexible to succeed in this different kind of living experience. And I am sure that this site will prove to be the perfect spot for you to become a professional poker player in a short time plus make you understand that poker is really worth this.

This blog is about professional poker playing in a couple of aspects:  Whether professional poker playing is realistic and worth it, what the pros and cons are of professional poker planning, business planning and legalities of poker planning, mental well-being and addictions help in long term professional poker planning, study and skill development professional poker, realistic expectations and navigational correction ability when operating a professional or official poker endeavor.

I cover such things as exist strategies for professional poker business models that are short term in scope and utilize skills and experience to scale the business up or to diversify into other sectors of business that reduce the stress and provide more benefits.  I also cover visionary strategy for making decisions on whether professional poker playing is something that is right for you.  In some cases, there is advice, options, and perspectives given.  In some cases and blogs, there are overviews for a comprehensive understanding between types of hustles, all hustles, and the legitimization process of a hustle into a stable, lawful, business endeavor.

I discuss morals and ethics from a results oriented and mathematical perspective that encourages independent result of cases studies and the comparison of data sets in the consideration of long term and futures planning within poker playing.  The specific discussion of moral and ethics arises from a psychological and philosophical perspective that is applied to legal considerations.  I expose a critical distinction between extraordinary poker playing, professional poker playing, and a steady hustle at poker playing.

Understanding the distinctions here might save some people some time that is spent chasing a pipe dream.  Professional poker is neither a pipe dream nor is it a game nor is it a game of chance.  In any hustle, whether that hustle is packaged in tradition, social acceptance, professionalism, or entrepreneurship, what it cannot be is something that is so full of risk that it becomes a gamble.  Poker is such that it has extreme risk, but less risk that other gambles and such risk where the risk can be stabilized through study, planning, and the correction of the plan overtime.

There are many important discussions here not simply for persons interested in poker playing.  While poker playing is the subject, this blog takes approaches from all across the spectrum and combines them into unique perspectives.  I utilize perspectives of developmental psychology, sports psychology, addiction counseling, statistic and probability, simultaneous multiple intelligences, and para psychological extra-sensory development, all of which are necessary skills for someone serious at poker to the extent it becomes professionalized.

Hence, the actual generation of a professional ego through seriousness of professional endeavor is actually something that can occur in any hustle where professional standards are established for increased regulation and regularity.  Hence, this blog leans more to the side of the normalization of professional poker income, versus chasing impractical gains, which is a waste of time for most people. Rather, the actual regulation and regularity of poker gains determines, over time and with analysis, whether professional poker playing is worth it for an individual.