7 Reasons Why a Steady Poker Hustle is Not a Game

7 Reasons Why a Steady Poker Hustle is Not a Game 7 Reasons Why a Steady Poker Hustle is Not a Game

What?  You think playing for big money is a game.  No.  It is a science and an art and beyond the legalities, steady poker hustles and being semi-officially self-employed in playing hustle is not for dabblers.  It requires so much time and commitment that if you have other options or are able to transfer the skills and experience to a less risky and less stressful endeavor, do it.  At least have an exit strategy in place.  At least make yourself look like you have a good job.  Those are the basics that aren’t even specific to poker hustles.  This is all hustles.  Hustling is not to be played with, dabbled with, or experimented with.  The science of a hustle is not experimental, it is statistical and predictive.  The art of a steady hustle is not wishy-washy, arrogant, or aloof, it is practical and about psychological awareness of multiple states of consciousness.

Here is the breakdown of what professional poker really is:

  1. A con scheme is the world of the hustle. The hustle is a con scheme, not a con game.  Not a game.
  2. 2 Inside of this con scheme are good and bad aspects.
  3. Surrounding this con scheme is a way of thinking that is OKAY with the good and the bad.
  4. Generating, or coming from this way of thinking is a lifestyle that involves excessive time in casinos or online, risks of relationships with criminal personalities who are not your friends, or shall we say, increased presence of frenemies.
  5. Difficult discipline development strategy to train instincts and navigational ability for maximum earnings and big openings or sticking it rich.
  6. Looking for gold is juvenile, and if you want real gold, you probably are not capable of producing it time and time again and you are probably flakey and fluke if you do.
  7. Understanding that for some being able to produce big winnings is a skill and talent they are born with as well as something the developed and for that select class, something inside them already tell them they are something special. If you don’t have that something inside you telling you that you are born that way and that you should keep going because it’s not just about commitment, you are actually on to something, then don’t step into the arena and find something else to do, you’re wasting your time and lying to yourself.

See, the real power in all hustles, poker or whatever, is not whether you are lucky, learned, or highly skilled, it is whether you know you are successful or not.  A power hustle, a professional business, and an entrepreneurial business each have in common people who know WHAT they are before they enter a an arena.  For them, the arena is not a game, it is life, and it is nature, full of scary people that will “eat” you, figuratively speaking, of course. Either you enter the arena knowing how to get through that and knowing where you are going based on what you really are that you don’t tell anyone—because telling other people your inner dreams and self-knowledge will be met with disbelief, so save yourself that exercise in futility—or you find somewhere where you can play games and make a good income.  The latter is possible and yes there are multiple ways of making good income playing games or incorporating that into yourself lifestyle without some of the stress factors within the poker world.  So I stated the blog with the question “WHAT?”  I stated this blog with that question for a reason, and still the question the question is WHAT?  Now you know it’s not a game, so respect the hustle and hustle smart, if you must make a hustle a home.


Hey there! Oh well, poker is something you can’t think of ignoring and learning poker proves to be the desire of every next person. Not only learning but also becoming professional in it and then rocking the world with loads of money earned out of it. Apart from this, poker is also a great source of entertainment unless you turn it into a financial set back due to over confidence.

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