Poker Strategies For Novice

Poker Strategies For Novice Poker Strategies For Novice

With a daily search rate of over 1 million on the internet, poker is by far one of the most popular games of our times. Due to this popularity, an online variant of poker was developed which anyone can play. Poker is a game of strategy and being able to anticipate other player’s moves. It has been termed as probabilistic by some, but the truth is that a win in poker heavily relies on one being able to work out a winning strategy. If you are a beginner in poker, there are tonnes of tips that will come out handy for you;


New poker players usually want to deal every hand even if they are having a bad hand at the moment. Probably one of the best advices as a novice that you will ever get is to master the skill of patience while playing. Playing every hand does not help your chances of winning either. As Kenny Rodgers put it, you should always ‘know when to walk away’ or risk losing all of your cash.

Always know what to expect from your opponents

No amount of training will teach you how to read your opponent’s play but the school of experience. Even if you are not playing, it is better to watch your opponents play and understand how they play. This will help you to always anticipate their moves.56d

Always play while at your best

Playing poker is a past time or profession that depends on your maximum attention. Some people play poker when emotionally fragile or in depression in the hope that it will make them feel better. The truth is that poker may lead you into more fragility. As stated earlier, poker is a game of strategy and you being on your low emotionally can be used against you while playing. So always keep a clear, straight head when you are going to play poker.

Mistakes and more mistakes

The truth is that you will make some mistake at some point. However, rather than regretting your choices it will be more helpful if you can learn from those mistakes i.e. understanding mistakes-scaled1000what circumstances led you to play that way and how you can change a situation similar to that from occurring in the future. Analysing your game is an important part if you want to win more games.

Always know your level

Don’t go dancing with the sharks when you are just a fish. If you don’t have the money and experience that other players have, try to avoid that table. Always play with people who have a similar skill set to you and as a beginner it is always advised to stay at the lower levels. In poker, it is all about winning, so if you are winning at the lower levels then it beats logic why you would want to move up unless you’ve gained enough experience for such a huge move.

At the end of the day, you should realise that poker is just but a game and there will always be winners and losers at the end. So always keep your emotions in check and enjoy playing the game!


Hey there! Oh well, poker is something you can’t think of ignoring and learning poker proves to be the desire of every next person. Not only learning but also becoming professional in it and then rocking the world with loads of money earned out of it. Apart from this, poker is also a great source of entertainment unless you turn it into a financial set back due to over confidence.

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