Poker Playing for Newbies

Poker Playing for Newbies Poker Playing for Newbies

Poker is one of the most demanded games on the internet hence the number of poker playing sites nowadays. It is a game that involves strategy and having to read your opponents while playing. Therefore, angry-poker-620x400with the presence of a good strategy and attitude while playing, then being beaten becomes more of a mirage. But attitude also plays a big role, in that you have to realize that it is just a game and at the end of it, there will always be a winner and a loser.

Poker Terms You Should Know

Poker has its own language as well and any beginner should first be in a position to understand what different terms mean as they are usually used during play. Here are the terms that a poker player should know;

  1. Blinds – this refers to money that is wagered before dealing the cards. Generally there are two types of blinds; small blind and big blind. Small blind is the smaller of the two staked amounts and big blind is the larger of the two.
  2. Ante – this refers to the smallest amount that you need to wage in order to get into the game.1e02ad6f73
  3. Call – this refers to another player matching the bet that another player had put.
  4. Raise – this refers to another player raising the bet that had been put.
  5. Check – whenever a new wage or bet has not been placed and the player does not wish to raise then checking becomes an option.

Poker Variations

There are quite a number of poker variations which include; Texas Hold’em, Seven Card stud, follow the queen, Stud poker and Omaha poker among others. Some players usually try playing other poker variations while others just stick to one. It therefore depends on which variation you are willing to play.

Stud games refer to a poker variant where 5-7 cards are dealt on each of the players and each player has to use this original set of seven-cardcards to form their best hand. Seven Card stud, follow the queen and stud poker are classified under this. Draw games on the other hand refer to games where cards are allowed to be traded in to a certain maximum (3 in most cases) in order for players to create their best hand. Lastly are the community card games where players are dealt with cards which are then played off among the opponents with each player trying to make their best hand. Texas Hold’em and Omaha poker fall under this classification.

General Tips for a Beginner

If you want to start playing poker then it is advised that you first get to learn about the game. You can find information online or enrol into tutorials. You should also practice playing first without risking your money. Once you feel you can start playing for money, sign up with a reputable company and start playing. You should also note that poker can be addictive, therefore be careful not to fall into this trap.


Hey there! Oh well, poker is something you can’t think of ignoring and learning poker proves to be the desire of every next person. Not only learning but also becoming professional in it and then rocking the world with loads of money earned out of it. Apart from this, poker is also a great source of entertainment unless you turn it into a financial set back due to over confidence.

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